Public Domain Treasure Hunters Kit.

I’m the co-author of several popular books regarding the public domain including “Profiteering In The Public Domain” and “Public Domain Success Formula” along with my partner and co-author, Debra Conrad (you may know her as That Public Domain Diva

So, whether you?re looking to create higher priced back-end products to deepen your sales funnel or looking for products that you can sell on eBay or Amazon , I would strongly encourage you to learn about creating physical products.

In fact, the U.S. Copyright Office estimates that of all the books published in the U.S. in this timeframe only 15% bothered to renew their copyright protection – the other 85% fell into the public domain and now have no copyright protection whatsoever !

What if we told you that right under your very nose there’s a vast hidden treasure of copyright-free books, music, film, images , and all sorts of other intellectual properties that are FREE for the taking and you can do anything you want with – including legally repackaging and SELLING FOR MONEY AS YOUR OWN PRODUCTS?

It’s vitally important to understand that the copyright status of any given work, regardless of what country it was published in, is dictated (with some exceptions in the report) not by what country the work was published in but rather, by what country you plan to SELL the work i

To make your investment in the Public Domain Treasure Hunter’s Kit an absolute no-brainer we’re offering the following money-back guarantee – you don’t have to decide now, just give this package a test-drive for 60 days – If you don’t agree that the information revealed in this package is going to explode your profits this year and finally allow you to grow the business you’ve always dreamed of using public domain material, just email us anytime within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund upon request – perio

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